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Sperm Donation :

Many couples experiencing male factor infertility may choose to undergo donor insemination for IUI or IVF procedures in order to achieve pregnancy.

Indication for sperm donation:

Screening – Anonymous donors :

A thorough medical history of the donor and his family. Donors should be between 21 to 45 years – preferably have established fertility. Genetic screening for common diseases, Rh factor, hepatitis B & C, HIV and other STDs. Donors physical traits, personal habits, education, hobbies, talents, height and weight and a complete semen analysis. [ If recipients wish to match certain characteristics – our sperm bank will provide the necessary information.]

Screening – known donors :

Sometimes couples wish to use a known donor or a relative of the husband. Criteria for screening of known donor will be same as described above

Procedure followed before acceptance as a donor :

Young , healthy men between ages of 21 to 45 years are eligible as semen donor. Before selecting a person as a donor we collect bio-data which include physical health, mental health of the person, family history of diseases, educational status, screening of transferable diseases, height, colour of the skin, hair, eye. Specific tests – seminal parameters and sperm function tests, in case of a married man – details of the children.

We repeat the test once in two months, regularly conduct meeting to have interaction with them, and educate them, about communicable diseases through sex.

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